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A  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN  is a strategic guide for the City of Henagar that expresses the values and aspirations of the community. The plan takes stock of existing trends and conditions, engages the community to develop a common vision for the future of Henagar, and creates a comprehensive action plan to implement the community’s vision and future development goals.


Despite its location in DeKalb County, which is growing in population, the City of Henagar has steadily lost population since 2000 while neighboring communities such as Rainsville, Sylvania, Ider, and Fort Payne have all gained population. Henagar grew steadily in population from its founding in 1965 until 2000 and it can be part of the growth of DeKalb County yet again with intentional planning centered on a common vision for the community.


The revitalization of this proud hamlet atop Sand Mountain will not be possible without the active participation of its residents in the drafting of the Homegrown Henagar Comprehensive Plan. If you live in Henagar or if you just really care a lot about this town, join us in planning for the future so that Henagar can be a great place to live for all its residents - both today and tomorrow.

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Planning Process

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